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Gambling In Africa Sports Betting And Lottery As Key Drivers

screenshot of Within the SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, experts who know the peculiarities of the gambling market in Africa have provided valuable information for operators who consider it for entering. Find more experts’ opinions in the up-to-date gambling news. All conference speakers have confirmed that Africa is a specific market with its cultural peculiarities and players’ preferences. Sports betting is a leading gambling activity in this region. However, the lottery segment is also popular among players. Mark Tipping, a betting consultant with 10 years of experience across Africa, was talking much about the betting vertical. He has said that African players prefer to go to retail shops to bet, for the sake of communication, first of all. At the same time, they also bet online, although it isn’t legal in this region. Operators find loopholes and offer such services under the cover of the Bingo games. Experts have also provided information about different African countries, highlighting their distinctive features. For instance, according to them, Zambia is more focused on pre-match betting, while Kenya – on implied offers. In general, French-speaking countries are more involved in horse racing and soccer betting. COVID-19’s after-effects on gambling in Africa Speaking about the consequences of the lockdown, Mark Tipping has noted that the betting market in South Africa has started to recover previous figures in revenue. The retail sector shows the best results at the current time. As for esports betting that has been growing in popularity during the quarantine in many countries, experts have agreed with each other that South African players aren’t very involved in this sector because electronic games are expensive and the majority of them can’t afford them. Read more: Advantages of sports bets Read more: What is blockchain sports betting?
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